Rustic Log Furniture

About My Furniture

Medicine River Woodworks, LLC, located in the breathtaking Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, has been creating log furniture for 18 years. All of my furniture is hand crafted from dead standing trees, mostly pine and fir. No live trees are ever cut to create my furniture products. 

Most of my outdoor furniture is finished with a durable Sparr varnish. My indoor furniture pieces are finished with a polyurethane varnish. I can also custom stain or finish to your specifications. There is no assembly line production at my shop. No item leaves my shop that I wouldn't want to put in or outside my own home. I guarantee your satisfaction. 

Be sure to come to our shop or shows to see what new works we have or to put in your own personalized order! 


Octagon table, burl base with padded chairs.